Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Don't "shush" me!

I’ll be speaking at the A.C. Hunter library tomorrow night, which for some reason makes me want to “shush” myself.

The posters and media say I’ll be reading from my latest book, Finton Moon. And that’s true. But a reading at the library is much more than just a reading. I’ll probably start by talking about myself a little because I’m like that. Then I’ll read a short passage, then pause thoughtfully before I talk about the passage in context of both the novel and the world outside it. Read another short passage, rinse, repeat.

There’ll be questions, most likely, such as “Why in the name of God did you say it like that?” or “What were you thinking when you wrote about that deranged girl?” Or “Is any of that true?” Of course, it’s all true; that’s why we have to call it fiction. Some people will have read the whole book, or part of it, and will have a question about certain parts, or the significance of the ending or the beginning or the scene in Morgan’s bedroom. Hopefully, we can get through without too many spoilers though, just enough to whet the appetite for those of you who haven’t read it yet.

The questions from the audience are my favourite part of the whole experience. Last time I read at the library, in September 2011, shortly after the publication of Moonlight Sketches, the atmosphere was cozy like a kitchen party, with people asking weird and wonderful questions (whether they’d read the book, just parts of it, or not at all) and me happily responding to it all, going off on mad tangents, which is probably what I do best.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday) I won’t just be reading and talking about the book(s). If you’re interested in talking about the creative process (where ideas come from and how they get written and why), the road to publishing (many a dragon there, certainly), and what it’s like to be published, how it changes life, and what comes next, then we’ll do all that as well. The discussion is open and lively, and if the audience has few questions, I have plenty of topics of my own related to the writing and publication of Finton Moon, Moonlight Sketches or even my recent e-book story, The Long Last Year.

If there’s time, I might read a couple of pages from my new work in progress, a novel called My Sister’s Walls. We’ll see how the evening goes.

Hope to see you there. It’s wide open to the public and starts at 7 p.m. It’s only for an hour, so you’ll be home again or downtown, or able to attend a late movie afterwards, whatever your choice.

Oh, and the A.C. Hunter library is adjoined to the Arts and Culture Centre.

Don't worry if you haven't read the book.  Just come out and talk about writin' 'n stuff.



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