Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Launch Party!

At last, dear friends, a moment several years in the making: my first book (the first of many, I assure you) becomes a reality and in the manner of all auspicious events, there's a party! Come help me celebrate! There's food, drinks, frivolity, a reading and as many shenanigans as we can pack into a couple of hours. Meet me at the piano bar. And if you can play piano, you're especially welcome. :-)

Here's the official invite just posted by my publisher on Facebook.


Time Wednesday, April 6 · 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Location Bianca's, 171 Water Street
(In the banquet room, separate from the restaurant--just enter at the front, turn right, take three steps and you're there!)

Please join Killick Press/Creative Book Publishing as we celebrate the launch of our newest author, Gerard Collins. Hear the author read from his amazing debut short story collection "Moonlight Sketches," and get your copy signed.

Praise for "Moonlight Sketches"

"Here is outport Newfoundland like you’ve never seen it – or heard it: musical, broken-toothed, full of pathos and sly humour. Collins’ characters fall from innocence and... land on their feet, with their fists up. You will admire them. You will fear them. You will find you care most about those you fear. Moonlight Sketches is a work of extraordinary imagination and empathy."

Jessica Grant - author of "Come Thou Tortoise"

"Smart kid courts trouble with his bad-news friend. Beautiful woman aches to leave town. Things are not going well for Julia in university. Gerard Collins gets to the story. His writing is clean and unselfconscious."

Kathleen Winter - author of "Annabel"

“A compelling collection with lasting images and an atmosphere you’ll feel as thick as a cloud around you. Collins excels in hooking his reader with a well-paced sense of impending tragedy, and in capturing the isolated moments that have built his convincing characters, many of whom having been wrung through the wringer of small-town mentality. Collins knows the recipe of his own work: when to add nuanced comedic relief to a dark story, and when to add a closing line that clangs like a gong.”

Chad Pelley - author of "Away from Everywhere"

I truly hope to see you there. Everyone is welcome.


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