Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chix with Stix: Something New

Things are coming along nicely for the launch of Moonlight Sketches in March. Meanwhile, I'm working on some other projects--writing the ending of my novel-in-progress, adjudicating a short story competition, and penning a new, soon-to-be-published article (details to come) about my journey towards publication, which will also include some advice for the unpublished. I'm finding I've got a lot to say and there's hardly any way to shut me up once I've begun.

Speaking of which, I was pondering last night about my newfound admiration for certain singers and songwriters. I've always had somewhat of a thing, shall we say, for female singers with guitars and pianos, especially those who write their own lyrics and melodies. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's my favorite kind of music, somewhat of an obsession, of sorts.

All of this pondering got me to thinking (it's not quite redundant, as this new thinking is on a deeper level, you see): why don't I blog about this predilection? Why not just tell people what you like and why you like it?

Well, that started off a firestorm in my head--why, there are dozens, even hundreds, of things I like, and I could blog about one every day for a month and not run out of things to say. Furthermore, it's not only in keeping with my desire for authenticity, but each blog entry would say far more about me than I could ever say by explaining what I'm like. Not that anyone really cares what I'm "like," but you know what I mean--showing instead of telling, and all that. So I'll show you what I'm like by telling you what I like.

So here it is, starting with "Chix With Stix," these are a few of my favorite things! Drop the snow from the rafters! Change the set to a sparkly winterwonderland! It's Gerard's favorite things! (Can't help thinking about that recent classic episode of "How I Met Your Mother": "It's Barney's FAVORITE THINGS! YOU get a lap dance! YOU get a lap dance!"

Okay, no lap dances. But I like female singers with guitars and pianos, and who write their own songs.

Why? Because they're cool. They almost always look good--something about the guitar. Something about the fact that it looks like they have skills and talent. I mean, looking useful is key to being an attractive person, right? I'm more likely to listen to you if I sense that you can do something besides just talk.

Being able to write your own lyrics means you have something in your head, something worth listening to (hopefully). I'm talking about Laura Marling. I'm talking Sarah Slean and Sarah Harmer. I'm talking Jenn Grant, Florence and the Machine and Amelia Curran. I could go on and on. But the fact is, when I want to relax, it's a female voice I want to hear. I'll blog another time about my favorite male voices, and there are tons of them--and I can relax to the best of them, too. But this is about my #1 obsession, my go-to girls, the ones that make me feel good inside. I love the sound of the female voice, especially when it's wrapped around biting lyrics and beautiful harmonies.

Maybe as the month goes on, I'll find myself blogging about particular songs or singers. I dunno. I'll see where the month takes me. I might even blog next month about the things I don't particuarly like--i.e. the things I hate. My most obnoxious things!

But for now, here's a video, if you wish, of my absolute favorite Laura Marling song. You really should check out her music, if you're so inclined, along with some of the others I mentioned. There'll be more to come, for sure.

Laura Marling:


  1. I'm always appreciative of good music finds. Thanks for sharing yours!!

  2. My pleasure, Karen. That's what music is for. :-)