Friday, December 11, 2009

Early Christmas Present

When I started writing this blog a couple of weeks ago, my intention was to write about the world of a would-be writer, someone who's been working hard for many years to fulfill the dream of being a published author. While I'd published some stories and won some awards, the publication of a full-length book of fiction had so far eluded me. There were times, I admit, when I'd considered giving up. Not many, but there was some dark nights of the soul when I wondered if this was ever going to happen for me.

Well, today it did happen. This afternoon at around 3:15 p.m., I signed a contract with Killick Press (an imprint of Creative Publishing) to publish my short story collection, Moonlight Sketches.

This changes everything, of course. I'm sleeping little enough as it is, but now I'll be kept up at night thinking about cover art, book launches, signings, and of course revisions and edits. There'll be all that and more.

But it feels good. Here I am, on the 11th day of December, perched on the precipice of a new beginning. My stories have been given a home.

Just wanted to share that. There can only be one first book for a writer, and Moonlight Sketches is mine.

So now this blog takes a new twist as I'll be writing about the whole process of getting this book from idea to page and into publication, with all that that involves.

This isn't the end, by any means. I've got novels to publish and others to write. And the road will be long.

Guess I'm on it now.



  1. Congratulations! Very excited for you. You deserve it.